Ok, I’m a day late, but that’s because the guys who are putting in our sprinkler system hacked right through my internet cable line yesterday.  For shame.  I was like a fish out of water.


A Twingle is a single child who is often mistaken for a twin, due to being close in age to a sibling with similar physical appearance.  So a twingle is always part of a pair of twingles.   My kids are indeed twingles.  The are 17 months apart in age, and look more like one another than they look like their parents.  We get asked all the time if they are twins (or people just assume) and have also been asked several times if we adopted our twins.  This phenomenon seems to be getting worse as Callen is starting to catch up to Carina in size.

So, there you have it.   Janet is the winner of the guess the definition contest.  If you recall, the prize was a twingle for a day.  So, Janet, which of my twingles would you like to have for the day?  Hahaha! How about I just buy you a drink sometime?

I did want to add that my favorite guess for the definition of twingle came from Janice, who thought a twingle is a cross between a twinkie and a bagel.  Very creative!