It’s been a while since we’ve done an “interactive” TWT, so here we go.

I made up a word today: Twingle.  Not like that time when I thought I made up the word momcation only to find out a year later that it is being used all over the place by moms with wanderlust.  No, this time, I really did make up a word.  Now, twingle is a homograph (remember that from last week’s TWT post?), so if you do a search online for “twingle”  you’ll get results, but that twingle has a different definition.  No, this twingle is all mine.  My very own word.  I’m twingle’s mama.

So, now the interactive part:  What is the definition of twingle?  (not that other twingle. MY twingle.)  Leave a comment with what you think the definition of twingle is.  Closest to correct wins a twingle for a day.  No kidding.  Winner (and definition) revealed next week.

Goodnight and Good luck.