So, the end of the month has come (and gone), and Craig hasn’t figured out what our One Small Change was.  Here’s a clue:

Yes, indeed.  I turned the refrigerator and freezer one notch warmer.  Nothing perished or thawed prematurely. . . even though Callen has figured out how to climb up into our fridge (the freezer is on the bottom) and get what he and Carina need while she holds the door open for him.

BUT!  That is not all, folks.  No, that is not all.

I ALSO turned the temperature on the water heater one notch colder.  I am especially impressed that hubs did not notice this. Even if you can’t bear to turn your water heater down, don’t forget to set it on the “VACATION” setting when you head out on that summer road trip – if you’re gone for a week, it will save you at least the cost of half a tank of gas.

I love small changes like these because not only do they save resources, they save MONEY!