A while back I posted a 100 question long “interview” here on the blog.  Hubby took particular interest in a few of the questions, including this one:

63. Got flowers for no reason
Yes, but it’s been a LOOONNNGGG time.

Because on Tuesday, these arrived:

Thanks, Honey.  It truly is the little things that matter, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.  And just so you know, I’m not holding my breath on the skinny dipping in Great Salt lake idea from questions #26 and #96.

As an aside, when the flower delivery man arrived, the kids excitedly answered the door with me, ogling at the delivery guy and oohhing and ahhing over the flowers.  I closed the front door, and said, “Come on, kids!  Let’s see who sent Mommy flowers.”

Carina pondered for only a second before exclaiming, “Oh!  Was it the mailman?”