(to the tune of “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah”)

Hello Mother,
Hello Father.
This Camp I’m at
Is like no other.

There are bloggers,
and there developers.
In order to learn CSS,
I’m going to need lots of helpers!

I need templates!
I need downloads!
I need something having to do
with smooshy marshmallows.

They’re all smart here
and I’m a dummy
they have ipads
and think my not-smart phone is so funny.

I can’t use analytics
or custom plugins
seems inΒ  WordPress,
a self hosted blogs always wins.

But I met some ladies
who are also mommies
and write blog posts
about cooking, traveling, fitness, and potty.

At the technology,
they shake their heads.
So I’m not the only
blogger with SEO dread.

They don’t care about
vertical menus.
The just want to know
what kind of drinks will be at tonight’s venue!

So it’s time now
to get some dinner
then to the after party,
to see if I’m a swag winner.

Life is good now,
here at WordCamp.
And thanks to WordPress
I can send this note without having to use a stamp!