Last week’s word association was fun – thanks to everyone who commented.  We’ll do that again soon.  I’m thinking about trying to write something that includes all your associated words…stay tuned!

So this week, as I was noodling around for what to write about in this week’s TWT post, I kept landing back on an oft-used website resource, Wikipedia.  And then I started to wonder, what is a “wiki” anyway?  So, I looked it up (on Wikipedia, of course!).

A wiki, essentially, is a website that allows multiple people to create content and pages which are all linked together.  The creator of the first wiki, Ward Cunningham, named his wiki the WikiWikiWeb.  Wiki means “fast” in Hawaiian.  Later, other people turned it into an acronym and said it stood for What I Know Is.

At, you can search through the thousands of wikis on the web, and even start your own wiki!  A quick perusal turned up wikis on parenting, psychology, kid wikis, a recipe wiki divided by country, and tons more fun stuff.  Starting your own wiki might be fun for a moms club, neighborhood, book club, or other groups of people who want to share and build off of one another’s knowledge. offers wiki hosting as well.  Another great advantage of having your own wiki?  You get to say the word “wiki” a lot, which seems pretty cool.

Ok, maybe it’s not cool, but it’s kinda fun.  (Try saying “wiki! wiki!” out loud and see if you don’t smile.)