My good friend Stephanie suggested that we do a word association for this week’s TWT post.  She’s an elementary school teacher, so I have to listen to her, or else go in time out.  Plus, the word association game is fun!  Thanks Stephanie for the great idea.

So, I am posting a word below.  You read the word, and leave a comment with the first word you think of when you read my word.  At my request, Stephanie and her two awesome kids sent me four words to choose from.  The one I chose seems very significant at this time, one, because I love it; two, because we announced our big presenting sponsor for MOMcation last week, and their sponsorship level is named this; and three, because it’s the type of dessert that Craig wants for his birthday, which is tomorrow!  So, here’s the word:


I’m looking forward to seeing your associations!