This week is kicking my bootie (that’s another word for your back side). So, as I was analyzing the tortures each day of the week is bringing me, I started to wonder how the days of the week got their names.

The answer?  Mythology, of course!  I have always liked mythology, and had classes on it in high school and college,  so I don’t know if my brain has since dumped this information to make more room for tidbits like how to make a brain in a ziplock bag out of potato flakes and sand, or if I really never knew the origins of our days.

Anyhow, names of days has evolved over time, based on who was/is ruling the world:

Greek Name Roman Name Germanic Name Current Name
Sun Sun Sun Sunday
Moon Moon Moon Monday
Ares Mars Tiu Tuesday
Hermes Mercury Woden Wednesday
Zeus Jupiter Thor Thursday
Aphrodite Venus Freya Friday
Cronus Saturn Saturn Saturday

Tiu is the god of War and the Sky.

Woden is the leader of the wild hunt.  Woden’s word origins come from wod, wich means “violently insane”, which kind of describes my day.  (Horoscope lovers, take note.)

Thor is the thunder god.

Freya is the goddess of love, beauty, and reproduction.  (end of the week stress relief, anyone?)

Saturn is the god of agriculture, believed to have ruled the world during the time of happiness and virtue (and that’s a whole  ‘nother blog post…).