Ok, it’s 11:44 at night, so I’ve got 16 minutes to write this post and still get it published on a Wednesday. (Yes, it’s been that sort of day).  So, this week, I’m taking the suggestion of my friend and fellow blogger, Hilary, for our TWT topic.  (I feel like TWT already stands for something, but I’m not sure what.  Maybe that will be next week’s post.)

Anyway, Hilary suggested that I find out what people call a drinking fountain.  I’m guessing that means she has a clever word for it.  (We’re all waiting, Hil!)  My pal Jill also brought up the word scuttlebutt on a TWT post, and through research I learned that scuttlebutt can mean a flask of water on the deck of a boat.  Personally, I call a drinking fountain a drinking fountain, and I’m not drinking out of anything that has “butt” in it.

So, what do you call a drinking fountain?  And when you’re not drinking out of a fountain, what do you drink out of?

hmmm…I told my husband I was writing this week’s TWT about drinking.  He’ll be so disappointed.