This is Smurf Beef (although she's usually naked)

Who’s Your Baby? Our babies are California and Smurf Beef.  No really.  Carina has two baby dolls, and those are their names.  Both were gifts from Grandma.

California (pronounced Californa) came first.  We have no ties to California, so I’m fairly sure we don’t talk about it much, but as we all know with preschoolers, they only have to hear it once in order to add it to their vocab arsenal.

Smurf Beef is the second born, and despite her much more anatomically correct-shaped head and ability to swim in the bathtub, she plays second fiddle to California.  Carina does not know what a Smurf is (I showed her a picture of one and asked her what it was), and we eat very little beef, so again, no strong ties to the words.

How does she come up with these crazy names?

It’s not just Carina that does this, either.  Carina’s friend Bella, who is five, has a baby doll named Soup Cake, and another one called Apple Juice (or maybe it’s Orange Juice, I can’t remember.).  I recently read a novel/memoir in which the author’s three-year old owns two identical dolls called Hursula One and Hursula Two, or, collectively, The Hursulas.  Another of Carina’s friends, Kate, has a doll that has a fairly normal name – Sheila, I think – which happens to be the next-door neighbor’s name.  I did a quick google search and found this post about a child with a baby doll named Kakala (pronounced Cock-A-La).

Just imagine if kids got to name themselves when they reached the age of three or four.  Who knows, maybe that’s why I went to school with a kid named Seven.

So, who’s your baby?

(BTW…to those of you who commented last week – several of you got it right – it was the sign for the muster station, aka the place where you gather if something bad happens)