Many bloggers do a post every Wednesday of only pictures.  They call it “Wordless Wednesday”.  That seems sort of sacreligious for a writer-type, so I’ve decided to try something a little different.  I want to spend Wednesdays thinking about special words and phrases, some real and some pretend, and about what these words and phrases are used for, and how they came to be.  So….

What word do you use for the act of skipping forward on your pre-recorded DVR shows?

Craig and I say “Schwink it.”  Carina shouts, “Push the yellow button!”. I’m not really sure how schwink it came to be, but it is very singular in its meaning (at least in our household) so it works well.

Please leave a comment with what you say, and why, if you know.

Note: Ok, loyal readers, I need all five of you to support me on this post by leaving a comment… ; )