Wouldn’t you love to know who is talking about you?  Online, it’s easy to keep track of references to not only yourself, but any other person, place, or thing that can be labeled with a proper noun.

Google’s alert system allows you to set up alert notifications so that anytime any of your chosen alert words appear on the web, you receive an email with a link to said appearance.  So if someone mentions you on their blog, or mentions your company in a forum post, you can be in the know.

For example, in an interview with a local newspaper, my husband mentioned that he is Asian-American.  We knew that the article would be published both in print and online.  What we did not know is that this little tidbit about Craig would be picked up by another website called AsiansVote, which published a thumbs up to Craig for “outing” himself as an Asian American.  Craig has been featured in several articles and tv news stories for his work in mobile dental care, but this little snippet is one of his favorite clips still to this day. If Craig wouldn’t have had a Google Alert set up for his name, he would never have known about it.

Google Alerts are quick and easy to set up.  Go try it out.