Check your mailbox.  I bet they’re in there.  Catalogs.  This time a year, it seems some companies start sending a new catalog once a week. I know I get tons of catalogs for companies I’ve never purchased anything from.  Others I’m familiar with, but I still don’t need a paper catalog when the internet is right at my finger tips.  So, this evening I sat down with the most recent stack of catalogs that were stress-testing my mailbox.  I jumped on each of their websites and sent an email to customer service requesting that I be removed from their mailing list. Even though we recycle our paper, I don’t even want to think about the environmental cost to produce all those glossies.


image from Catalog Choice blog

Please join me and take a few minutes to unsubscribe from catalogs you’ll never order from. If you do it the way I did, it takes about two minutes per catalog.  Just type out your unsubscribe request in a word document (be sure to include your name and mailing address) and then copy and paste it into each company’s online customer service contact form. OR, if you have a lot of catalogs to get rid of, check out  Catalog Choice is a free service that allows you reduce unwanted mail and decide how you hear from over 1,000 companies. It has a search tool that lets you search for your catalog and set your mailing preferences without having to hop around to different websites.  So efficient, and your Mother will love you for it. Mother Nature, that is.